We Build Client Generation Brands

Positive Partnerships is a fast-growing digital lead generation company originating in London, England, recently transferred to Oulu, Finland operating internationally.

Why Positive Partnerships?

We build compelling brands that supply clients to high-quality companies offering great service. A win-win for all parties.

If your company wants to establish a client generation brand or work with one of our current brands to get clients on tap, let’s consider partnering up.

Read on to see the story of our projects and their impact around the world…

Our Brands

Timeshare Tracy

Location: USA

Mission/USP: Help Americans Cancel their Timeshare

Results: 30,000+ Leads Generated, Thousands of Cancellations, Millions of $USD Saved

Next: Being Scaled throughout the USA

Property Sale Watchdog

Location: UK

Mission/USP: Help Distressed Home Sellers Find Trustworthy, Modern Ways to Sell their Property

Results: The UK’s Most Comprehensive Reviews of Fast Home Buying Companies + Free Online Support

Next: Growing Exponentially

British Accent Course

Location: Worldwide – Asia, Americas, Europe and Africa

Mission/USP: Accelerated Pronunciation Training through Best Practice Online Platform Curated by Professional Accent Coaches

Results: Hundreds of Subscribers through High-Volume Lead Generation

Next: Being Scaled Internationally

Build Your Positive Partnership

Unlike most digital agencies we do NOT sell services to clients and there are NO retainers and ZERO fees to work with us.

We ONLY deliver results under a win-win commercial partnership.

That means we share both risk and rewards with our clients.

Which makes us very choosy about who we partner with.

We don’t just generate clients, we build a brand that works like a machine.

An asset that will continue to grow our partners’ revenues for many years to come.

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